Martin Kingsley

ProfitFX is the best thing that has happened to me in my life financially. Sam and me joining the team changed my life massively. I was literally a losing trader for 2 months straight and then when I joined the team I still wasn’t a good trader yet but I was still at least profitable because I would copy the signals that they would send me and into the chat and while I was learning I was getting profit. Another thing I have to add is that I started my trading in January 2020 and I started my account with $100 because at the time I was not financially stable and I blew the $100 by February. That was a hard time for me because at the time $100 was a lot of money to me so I was constantly stressing and worrying about my financial situation etc etc. I had about $2000 in my savings and then I found Sam on twitter and I would see him bagging pips from ranges 300-1000 pips and that really caught my eye because more Sam I used to think bagging 50 pips was a lot because in the regular forex trading community people aim for the amount of pips such as 20-60 and 100 pips is a big amount. So I talked to Sam and asked him if he could be my trading coach and he accepted me into the team and I worked with him in march but wasn’t profitable alone yet so I would copy his trades until I was good at it myself. Then by April, I was a profitable trader and became financially independent and free from the rat race within a month. ProfitFX turned me from a 20 year old who was only making 3 figures a month into a five figure trader at the age of 20 and I love what the team is doing here. Best thing that has happened for my trading experience even though I only been trading for 6 months but still Best thing that has ever happened for my trading.